AT&T Cell Phone Plans for Seniors: Getting the Best Phone Plan Deals

AT&T offers a variety of cell phone plans designed specifically for senior citizens. These plans offer a range of features and services that are tailored to meet the needs of older adults. Learn more here!
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AT&T is the largest telecommunications company in the world, providing coverage in Asia, Europe, North America, and South America. For those in search of senior citizen cell phone plans for AT&T, you should know that AT&T’s senior plan and cell phones is reserved for those living in Florida. However, that’s not to say you can’t take advantage of the company’s other competitive deals that provide adults of all ages with cost-effective communication plans.

At Senior Assistance Club, we provide senior citizens with the information they need to make the right choice to help manage their living essentials and monthly expenses. For senior citizen cell phone plans and other good deals that provide different levels of coverage, here’s what you need to know about getting the best AT&T cell phone plans for seniors.

Pros and Cons

Here’s a general overview of what you can expect when signing up for plans made by AT&T for senior citizen plans. Keep in mind that AT&T only has one senior plan, the AT&T Unlimited 55+. The other plans listed here are other cost-effective options that seniors can use for better coverage and cost options.

Pros Cons
  • Additional discounts available. Customers who sign up for AutoPay and paperless billing for up to two lines can receive a $10 discount. AARP members also get 10% discounts, while veterans on unlimited plans get a 25% discount.
  • Unlimited texting to other countries. Because of AT&T’s large global network, seniors can text from the United States to over 200 other countries.
  • No data throttling. Many other providers reduce data speeds when you go above your usage thresholds, but AT&T only slows speeds during congestion.
  • Limited to senior citizens in Florida. Senior citizens must have a billing address in Florida and be at least 55 years old to qualify for the special AT&T senior citizen plan.
  • Can’t apply for the package online. You must go to an AT&T store or any authorized retailer to apply.
  • Limited international coverage despite large network in other continents. The plan only covers calls and data for North America.

Shopping and Prices for AT&T Senior Citizen Plans

The cost of AT&T plans can depend on a number of factors. First, it depends on which plan you choose and how many lines you get. The more lines you get, the cheaper the cost of each line. For the AT&T Unlimited 55+ Plan, you can opt to get one line for $60, or you can get two lines at $40 each for a total of $80 per month.

If you don’t live in Florida, you can’t get AT&T’s senior citizen plan. However, depending on your call, text, and data needs, you might still be able to get a good deal from AT&T’s plans. Prepaid plans are available, so you might find a deal that only requires you to pay as needed.

AT&T also provides plenty of discounts for qualifying customers, so check if you can receive these. AARP members, Florida residents, veterans, and active military members may qualify for certain discounts, so speak to an AT&T representative first before signing up for a plan to maximize any discount you qualify for.

What Are the AT&T Cell Phone Plans for Seniors?

You can shop around for new plans and smartphone deals online – unless you’re getting the senior citizen plan, which can only be registered for in AT&T stores and in authorized retailers.

AT&T Unlimited 55+ AT&T Prepaid 5GB AT&T Unlimited Starter AT&T Lifeline and Access
Best Price $40 per line for two lines, $60 for one line $30 per month $35 per line for four lines Up to $25 off voice services and up to $75 off home internet service for qualifying households
Scam and Fraud Blocking Yes Yes Yes No
Calls Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited N/A
Text Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited N/A
Data Unlimited Up to 5GB per month Unlimited Up to 100 Mbps
5G Access Yes Yes Yes N/A
Additional Features Only available on smartphones and cellphones

Network coverage extends to Mexico and Canada

Unused data can be rolled over to next month

Only available on smartphones and cellphones

Comes with free 6 months of free gaming streaming from Stadia Pro

Only applies to households that are approved under the federal Affordable Connectivity Program

Additional discounts available for seniors ages 65 and above

AT&T Unlimited 55+

AT&T’s senior citizen plan provides seniors over the age of 55 with comprehensive coverage for their smartphones or cellphones. This includes Roam North America, a program that provides unlimited talk, text, and data in the US, Mexico, and Canada without additional roaming charges. Seniors can also text from the US to over 200 other countries covered by AT&T. Compatible smartphones can also have 5G access in areas covered by AT&T.


  • Offers standard definition streaming on video platforms.
  • Includes AT&T ActiveArmor mobile security, which can help seniors avoid scam calls.
  • Additional discounts for Florida AARP members.


  • Tablets, wearables, and other connected devices aren’t part of the plan.
  • You’ll have to apply for the senior plan in a physical AT&T store to verify your age.
  • Same price applies if you’re using a phone that isn’t compatible with 5G and the AT&T ActiveArmor mobile security app.

Best For: Seniors who want access to unlimited calls, texts, and data. Moderate users who want more data but at affordable prices and with the opportunities for more discounts.

AT&T Prepaid 5GB

While it’s not part of AT&T’s senior plan and cell phone bundles, it’s still a cost-effective package that seniors could consider if they want cheaper options. Among all the company’s prepaid plans, the 5GB plan is the cheapest at $30 per month. This can be shared with the family and provides the basics for calls, data, and texts.


  • Can be eligible for enrollment in a multi-line account for a family plan.
  • Unused high-speed data will be rounded up to the nearest megabyte and then rolled over to the next plan if you renew your prepaid plan on time.
  • Includes mobile hotspot.


  • After you’ve used up the 5GB high-speed data before the month ends, your speeds will be throttled to 128kbps until your next month. International data roaming is reduced to 2G.
  • Standard definition quality is limited to 1.5Mbps.
  • $30 monthly fee is exclusive of taxes and additional fees.

Best For: Senior citizens who want flexible phone plan solutions. The cheapest option of the bunch, it provides the basics, which is the cost-effective choice for those who only need a plan for emergencies and a basic level of calls, texts, and internet browsing.

senior couple reading great news from their phone outdoors

AT&T Unlimited Starter

Ideal for the senior citizen with other family or household members, the AT&T Unlimited Starter package offers comprehensive coverage for texts, calls, and data. The unlimited high speed data and 5G access make this great for those who don’t want to risk data throttling from overuse of data.


  • Unlimited calls, texts, and data for all lines, including when traveling to Mexico and Canada.
  • Includes AT&T ActiveArmorSM mobile security to block spam calls.
  • 3GB mobile hotspot (however, it slows down to 128Kbps after crossing the 3GB threshold).


  • The $35 per line offer is only when you get four lines; expect to pay more when you apply for less lines. This also includes the discount for AutoPay and paperless billing.
  • You may experience slow data speeds during congestion.
  • Pay the same price even if your phone isn’t compatible with 5G or if 5G is not accessible in your area.

Best For: Seniors who have other family members that can benefit from AT&T’s unlimited bundles. The unlimited access can give seniors better reach, making it ideal for those who use their phone frequently, especially video streaming.

AT&T Lifeline and Access

While it’s not technically a plan, you should check out the AT&T Lifeline program and AT&T’s Access to see if you qualify. These are two federal programs under the Affordable Connectivity Program where, if your household qualifies, you can get significant discounts on calls and internet access and have access to low-cost network options. Eligible households can receive up to $5.25 off voice service and $30 off home internet service, though you may qualify for larger discounts if you live in qualifying Tribal lands.


  • Ideal for low-income seniors who qualify for aid and require very basic levels of network coverage.
  • Senior citizens in Michigan over the age of 65 may be eligible for even more discounts.
  • Households that participate in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits in California may also qualify for AT&T Access.


  • Only one benefit per household as this isn’t a benefit per person.
  • Households can only get Lifeline benefits from one telecom provider.
  • Households with a certain number of people in it need to make no more than a specific maximum household income to qualify.

Best For: Seniors who belong to low-income households or seniors living alone that make less than $27,000. These programs offer low-cost solutions, so this may be best for those who only need coverage in case of emergencies.

AT&T Senior Plan Cell Phones: What Are My Options?

If you’re planning to go cell phone shopping to use for your plan, you should know that AT&T offers over 40 basic cell phones and smartphones to choose from. Should you decide to buy a phone on top of your plan, you can opt to pay a one-time fee or pay off the phone in an installment plan for up to 30 months. AT&T also offers trade-in options where you exchange your current phone for additional discounts on a newer model.

Keep in mind that, if you choose a basic cellphone, the price of your plan is the same even if it’s not compatible with 5G or any of the other features listed. You can also choose to keep your current phone and receive a $250 reward card and a waiver on your phone’s activation fee.

These are some phones that have features that make them friendly for senior use.

Cingular Flip IV

This phone takes the basics of both a cellphone (large keypad, long battery life) and smartphone (accessibility to popular apps) and offers the conveniences that senior citizens can appreciate. The toggle menu offers better visual accessibility, while the installed Google Voice Assistant can make certain tasks easier. And at just $62.99, it’s a small addition to add to your phone plan.

Apple iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 is a good option for an entry-level phone, now that Apple has released its latest model and is likely to discontinue older models. Its large display and the iOS’s accessibility options make it easier for seniors to read and navigate their phones. There’s also the added advantage of easy camera features that’s just enough to the casual user to capture plenty of memories with their friends and family. It’s also compatible with hearing aids, making it an accessible model for those who need their hearing aid for daily use.


The SONIM XP5s is the durable option for senior citizens with certain motor conditions that make it difficult to hold phones or are prone to dropping their phones. The model can withstand the regular drops. It also has oversized buttons and keys that make it easy for older adults to call and text. In fact, it’s also equipped with push-to-talk features, making it the all-around choice for seniors who are looking for durable phones that they can rely on when they need to make important calls and texts.

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AT&T Unlimited 55+ vs. Other Senior Plans

While AT&T’s Unlimited 55+ plan is fairly competitive against other senior plan options, its biggest disadvantage is that it’s only available to Florida residents. While some of AT&T’s other bundles may be available nationwide, they don’t have the discount opportunities that senior plans may provide.

AT&T Unlimited 55+ Mint Mobile’s Mint 55+ T-Mobile’s Essentials 55+
Best Price for Senior Plans $40 per line per month for a two-line plan $15 per month for a one-year plan $27.50 per line monthly for a two-line plan
Maximum Number of Lines 2 1 2
National Availability Only to US seniors with a Florida billing address US senior citizens over the age of 55 US senior citizens over the age of 55
Calls Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Texts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Data Unlimited 4GB Unlimited
Data Throttling Only during congested times After 4GB After 50GB
Mobile Hot Spot Yes Yes 3G
International Coverage

Free calls and data in Canada and Mexico

Free texts from the US to over 200 countries

Free Calls to Mexico and Canada Texts and 2G Data in Canada and Mexico
Payment Plan Postpaid Prepaid, one-time upfront payment required Postpaid
Phone Options Can purchase the plan on its own, buy a phone from AT&T, use your current phone. or trade-in your current phone for a discount on a new phone Buy a phone from Mint Mobile or Bring Your Own Phone Can purchase the plan on its own (for existing customers) or buy a new phone
Additional Features

Standard-definition streaming

Compatible for both basic cellphones and smartphones

Free Full Service Activation by MINTech Advisors

7-Day Money Back Guarantee

Scam-Blocking Protection

Standard Definition Streaming Quality

Is AT&T’s Senior Plan and Cell Phones the Right Choice for Me?

If you’re a senior citizen living in Florida that can save more from the discounts offered, switching to AT&T may be a beneficial option. However, if you live anywhere else, you might still benefit from the many cost-effective plans that AT&T provides.

Ultimately, it depends on how much you use up in terms of data, calls, and texts. AT&T’s cheapest bundle on this list offers unlimited calls, texts, and data, but you might be better off with prepaid plans if you use your phone service less frequently.


Q: Does AT&T offer plans that include only unlimited calls or unlimited texts?

A: AT&T has discontinued these plans, so you won’t be able to sign up for them online or in an AT&T store. Apart from their prepaid options, their cheapest plan is the AT&T Unlimited Starter that starts at $30 per month for 5GB of data.

Q: Do all line users under the AT&T Unlimited 55+ have to be over 55 years old?

A: No. Only the account holder needs to qualify for the program. The other line users can be of any age.

Q: What are my phone options for AT&T senior plans’ cellphones?

A: You can opt to buy a new cellphone or smartphone from AT&T. You can also use your existing phone even if you got it from another telecom provider as long as the phone is no longer locked in with your former provider and you can access the SIM card. AT&T also provides the option to trade-in your phone for a discount on a new phone.