Discover Arts and Crafts for Seniors

Looking for fascinating projects to explore your creativity? Getting involved with arts & crafts has never been easier. Here are some excellent online sources to get you started.
Happy senior grandmother and little granddaughter knit together

Are you looking for a new hobby, art, or craft to get excited about? Are you already a skilled crafts person looking for a new challenge?

Whether you are new to crafting, or a long-time artist, there are wonderful resources available online. The best part—you can get more information, hone your skills, and find loads of inspiration.

Here’s the top 9 best arts and crafts websites for seniors to get fueled up:

01. Bloggeries

Check out Bloggeries for general arts and crafts inspiration. In their hobby section, you’ll find ideas, suggestions, and tips for hobbies you may not ever have considered. Felt making, soap making, card making, scrapbooking, sewing, woodworking, candle making, and knitting.

Looking for inspiration for arts and crafts for older adults, this is a terrific place to go browsing. Think of it as a trip to your most favorite bookstore, filled with ideas, images, and instructive tips.

02. HollysHobbiesCrafts

Do you love crocheting, knitting, and sewing? Did you learn these traditional crafts from a mother, aunt, or grandmother? If creating things with your hands was something you’ve done in the past, it may feel like coming home to take it up again.

This blog is filled with helpful tips and techniques for crocheting. You might discover a new way to create a crocheted toy. Or explore how to whip up a baby blanket for a grandchild on the way. Whatever you want to explore with patterns, tips and tricks—this site offers a wealth of information.

03. All Free Sewing

This is a fun blog that will get you connected with the joys of sewing. You’ll love all the resources including links to 13 blogs for sewing your own clothes. Many seniors remember the time when they sewed their own clothes. In their teens and twenties, perhaps you did this too.

Talking with friends, you may be surprised how many people spent hours exploring patterns, selecting fabrics, and sewing favorite pieces.

Here’s how one avid sewer puts it:

“I learned to sew from my mom. When she reached the limit of her skills, her best friend took over the lessons. I learned the joy of going from fabric to a perfectly sewn dress. It was incredibly rewarding. Now, it’s so fun to sew. It makes me feel connected to the women who taught me, as well as doing something from start to finish.”

If you’d like to connect again with sewing, you might get inspired to sew a blouse, scarf, or other piece of clothing.

Grandfather and grandson build a wooden model home together

04. FeltMagnet

If you’re searching for interesting for inspiration on arts and crafts for seniors, this site is a goldmine.

The site is filled with interesting tips for successful crafting and loads of colorful photographs to spark your imagination. You’ll find ideas for all kinds of materials and a diverse array of projects.

Felt is easy to work with, easy to maneuver, and rewarding to work with. Whether you’re making gifts for grandchildren or craft ideas for your living space—felt is a wonderful material.

Whatever the season, this site is loaded with ideas that work for your projects—and may even inspire you to share with friends, neighbors, and grandchildren.

05. Todolwen

Looking for the perfect little birdie to put on a shelf? This is where you can find the step-by-step tutorial to make your own.

The pattern is simple. The tutorial is laid out in pictures, with granular detail. It looks so easy to follow. Make one and you’ll find yourself getting ideas for making more. Plus, you’ll find instructions for making a lot of different animals and creatures. Check out the cool tutorials on this site and you’ll be unstoppable.

06. Lost Bird Studio

Check out the beautiful artwork, crafts, and found-objects. You’ll get an awesome dose of inspiration. Discover new ways to transform what is in your closet, garage, or basement. Experiment with using old, found, new, and recycled items in your arts and crafts projects.

A happy older lady does arts and crafts with her two small grandchildren

07. Crafts By Amanda

Sometimes the best projects are the ones that are easy to start, do, and complete. They are the ones where you’ll have fun playing and making beautiful objects. If you’d like to explore your options, this site is filled with ideas, photos, and tutorials. All the projects also have printable instructions.

You can search by topics for crafts including home décor projects, kitchen crafts, Mason jar crafts, needlework, and many, many more.

Creating art and doing crafts is something to do year-round. Explore the list of ideas for winter, spring, summer and fall crafts. Check out the yearlong holiday section and you’ll find loads of ideas for gift making, and gift giving. Who knows, you might get inspired to create a craft-class for your friends and neighbors.

08. Art Therapy Blog

Arts can be a wonderful way to explore your feelings, thoughts, and experiences. Working with your hands often helps people weave together memories, dreams, and reflections in ways that words cannot. It can also help you stay young and energetic!

If you’d like to read more about using art and crafts, the Art Therapy Blog is a great place to start. You’ll find beautiful posts about the value of exploring yourself in dance, crafts, music, weaving and painting.

This site also features creative charts exploring the color meanings and symbolism of different colors.

09. Golden Carers

Want a simple and fun project? Jump over to this arts and crafts website for seniors to get a boatload of ideas for craft activities.

You’ll find quick and engaging projects—from quilts to wreaths to flowerpots. What’s especially fun about this site is it focuses on projects that are easy and simple. You most likely will have the materials you need already on-hand.

Assistance Club Summary

The #1 big idea: There is no age limit on creativity. Exploring arts and crafts for seniors is a wonderful way to express yourself, create beauty, and find meaning in life.

With these 9 sites, you can get started in your creative journey, or dive deeper in the exploration you’ve already begun. If you want to discover more inspiration on activities for seniors on Senior Assistance Club!