The Best Mobility Scooters For Seniors

Looking to avoid a wheelchair? Stay in the know with the latest advancements in mobility scooters. Find out the best options to keep your independent lifestyle.
An elderly man rides a mobility scooter with a basket full of products while looking in a shop's window

Staying active and independent with a scooter will transform your life. You can zip to the corner store without relying on anyone for help. You can run errands, go to the community garden, or get to a friend for a visit. If you’ve been considering a scooter, this is a smart way to stay mobile.

With over 20 brands on the market, choosing a scooter can be a little overwhelming. Many of the models have new technology, different models, and varying price points. This Senior Assistance Club guide will help narrow down the best mobility scooters for seniors.

Evolution of Mobility Devices

The universe of mobility options is not the same as it was 10 or 20 years ago. There’s a lot of senior products to love. In the past, seniors had to rely on simple canes or wheelchairs to help them move around. These days, there are scooters for senior mobility and even exoskeletons for seniors!

Scooters have less of a ‘medical’ feel than a wheelchair. Some of the models offer canopies. Others have designs such as a tight turning radius to enable indoor and outdoor use. Some scooters are suitable for rugged use, heavy-duty capacity, or outdoor terrain.

The latest advancements in electric mobility scooters for seniors may amaze and delight you.

Word On The Street

In talking with friends and neighbors, you’ll discover many people with stories about using scooters for senior mobility. Each person will tell you how a scooter has transformed their life. You’ll probably hear stories like these:

“My 83-year-old neighbor uses it to go shopping, run errands, and keep an active lifestyle. He’s smiling, happy, and connects with everyone in the neighborhood.”

“I just tried out my neighbor’s scooter to run errands in our town. I didn’t want to get off. It was so much fun, and I loved being so independent.”

“I should have done this years ago! I can believe how young I feel.”

Let’s look at the makers of the best mobility scooters for seniors.

Pride Scooters

These electric motorized scooters come in a wide variety of options and pricing. Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor use, travel, heavy-duty, luxury, or outdoor terrain use—there’s a Pride scooter for you.

Check out the great options for traveling with a scooter: Go-Go 4-Wheel is a travel scooter that folds in just three steps. Many models are easy to disassemble, making them easy to put into vehicles that don’t have a scooter life. There are also great accessories such as baskets, seat covers, and weather covers.

There are some downsides to owning a Pride scooter, however. Perhaps the biggest downside is the price tag; Pride scooters can be quite expensive when compared to other brands on the market. Additionally, some people find that Pride scooters can be a bit heavy and difficult to transport.

This company is known for its quality and offers a wide range of pricing. You can find local dealers, online suppliers, and retailers on their websites. Pride scooters start from $799.


Rascal scooters are made in the UK, along with mobility aids and accessories. It can be hard to find a new Rascal in the United States. However, used models are often available online. Check Walgreens and other online retailers if you’d like to find a used one to ride.

Rascal scooters provide a number of benefits for people with mobility problems. They run on a rechargeable battery rather than on manual effort like a regular wheelchair and can reach speeds of around four miles per hour. Instead of a tiny, complicated joystick, they are guided by intuitive control. Many are able to be taken apart and put together again for transportation by automobile and include baskets on the front for easy carrying of goods.

With sixteen models of mobility scooters for seniors to choose from, you can find the one that meets your needs the best. They offer three categories of cars transportable, midsize, and performance.

The Rascal scooter is a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable, lightweight mobility option. It is easy to fold up and transport, and it maneuvers well indoors and out. The only downside is that it doesn’t have the greatest range, so it may not be the best choice for long trips. Additionally, the seats can be a bit uncomfortable for long rides.

With a pretty affordable price tag, ranging from $800 to $1,600 for brand-new units, the Rascal scooter is a great value for the money.

A red mobility scooter for elderly and disabled


Drive Medical offers quality senior mobility scooters from compact to full size, and from heavy-duty to recreational. You’ll find options at all different levels of pricing.

Some of the scooters are lightweight and ideal for travel. Others are midrange, with anti-tip wheels and rear-view mirrors.

Prices for Drive Medical scooters start at around $950, which is as affordable as scooters get, and go up depending on the size and features of the model. There are also several add-ons you can purchase such as baskets and cup holders to customize your scooters based on your preferences.

One of the best ways to check out this brand is to give on a spin. Many local retailers offer test drives. Check-in with Drive Medical to find a retailer in your area. If you’ve already made up your mind and are ready to ride…go shopping online.

EV Rider

Many of these eco-friendly scooters have a sporty look, good stability, and easy maneuverability. With various price levels, you can choose from travel to midsize to deluxe.

Some of the models offer great accessories such as a soft canopy, safety flag, and lockable travel case.

A major downside of the EV Rider is that they are not foldable, so they can be cumbersome to transport. Additionally, the battery life is not as long as some would like, with a range of around 10 miles on a full charge.

Despite these cons, the EV Rider scooter still has many fans and remains a popular choice for eco-friendly transport. The price of an EV Rider varies depending on the model, but they generally range from around $1,150 to over $5,000.

Check the EV Rider website for special offers, deals, and pricing.

Golden Scooters

Golden scooters are built and manufactured in the United States. These electric mobility scooters for seniors are known for being innovative, stylish, and high quality.

Some of the heavy scooters are built for rugged use and can accommodate high-weight capacities. Others are matched to the needs of different people. Some of their popular collections include Buzzaround, Lite rider, Heavy duty, and Companion. If you want to get around on rough terrain, be sure to check out their heavy-duty collection.

There are a few cons to consider as well. For example, Golden scooters only offer warranties to original owners. So, if you’re purchasing a pre-owned unit, keep in mind that you won’t be covered by the warranty.

Additionally, their pricing range is fairly wide, so you may have to do some comparison shopping to find the best deal. Finally, some of their models offer wireless disassembly, which can be a helpful feature if you need to transport your scooter often.

Golden scooters have a wide range of pricing and models. The price for a Golden scooter can range from around $1,800 to a whopping $4,700. It all depends on the specific model that you choose.


This brand of electric senior mobility scooters makes travel easier than ever before.

The Transformer model folds and unfolds with a touch of a button. This opens independence while traveling, whether on long trips or doing daily errands. It is also about 55 pounds, making it easier to lift and maneuver.

Solax is available through retailers across the United States. While the pricing is generally similar, check out if shipping is included. This may help you narrow your selection. Keep in mind that a Solax scooter starts at $2200, which may be quite expensive for some.

Shoprider Scooters

Shoprider offers many models, but one standout product is the one with an enclosure. The enclosed Flagship scooter comes with a well-designed canopy to protect users from the weather. If you live in a region with intense wind or rain, this is a very desirable feature.

The Flagship also has windshield wipers and a lighting system. Finally, the doors are removable—so when the weather is lovely, you can enjoy it fully.

Prices greatly vary depending on the functionality of the scooter, with prices starting from around $1,000. Check out their options to see if this scooter is the one you’ve been looking for.


Wheels is best known for its variety of high-quality models of mobility scooter for seniors, such as the EW-36, M34, EW-19, and EW-72. In addition to being a manufacturer, they are also a distributor of these top-performance mobility scooters that contain patented technology. They believe in making their products available to everyone which is why you'll find them at an affordable price without compromising quality or style. Their emissions-free alternatives offer recreation, sport, and commuting abilities without harming the environment further.

Keep in mind that the company is not well-known which could make it difficult to find replacement parts or services if needed.

The average price of an EWheels electric senior mobility scooter is $1,849. However, prices can vary depending on the model you choose as well as any add-ons or accessories you may want. For example, the EW-36 can cost up to $3,195 while the EW-19 starts at $1,595. You can also find used models online for a cheaper price.


Lightweight scooters come in all shapes and sizes. They can be made of different materials like aluminum or stainless steel, but the best lightweight scooter brands use more innovative materials to make their products lighter without sacrificing quality.

For example, one of the top companies for lightweight scooters is Sunrise, a company with locations across Asia, Australasia, North America, and Europe. Even though their scooters are quite sizable, the scooter itself is quite light. The heaviest part when disassembled weighs in at only 22.5 kg, which is around 50 lbs. Pretty amazing considering its size when put together!

You can also take their electric senior mobility scooters anywhere you want! Adaptability and versatility are hallmarks of a high-quality brand, and a Sunrise scooter is extremely adaptable to every environment.

Not only that, but you can simply disassemble this scooter and take it with you. Overall, it takes up about the same amount of space as a car trunk. You can also transport this scooter on a train or other public transportation systems.

An elderly woman on a mobility scooter walking her dog


Founded in 1964, KYMCO originally started out by receiving technology from Honda, Japan. Currently, KYMCO creates mobility scooters that have various key features and are available at different price points, depending on the model of the scooter. Because of KYMCO’s long-standing relationship with Honda, customers can trust in the quality of KYMCO’s mobility scooters.

The scooters have a variety of features that make them an ideal choice for those in need of assistance, including a low center of gravity for stability, a padded seat for comfort, and a basket for storing personal belongings. In addition, all KYMCO mobility scooters come with a 12-month warranty, making them excellent value for the money.

Prices start at around $1,200 and go up to $3,500, making them a great option for people on a budget.

Financial Assistance for Seniors Buying Mobility Scooters

For seniors, maintaining their independence is vital. Unfortunately, as we age, mobility can become an issue. This is where products such as a mobility scooter or the best stair lifts for seniors come in. These products can provide seniors with the independence they need to get around. However, the cost of a new electric mobility scooter can be prohibitive for many seniors on a fixed income. Fortunately, there are several financial assistance programs that can help seniors cover the cost of an electric mobility scooter.

For example, the Department of Veterans Affairs offers grants to eligible veterans. The Department of Health and Human Services also provides financial assistance for seniors with limited incomes.

The Social Security Administration also provides “special needs” grants to qualifying seniors, which can be used to cover the cost of a mobility scooter. Additionally, many states offer Medicaid waiver programs that provide financial assistance for seniors with limited income and resources. There are also several private organizations that offer financial assistance for seniors in need of a mobility scooter.

So, if you or a loved one is in need of an electric mobility scooter, don’t let the cost deter you. There are several financial assistance options available that can help make owning a mobility scooter possible.

FAQs on Electric Mobility Scooters for Seniors

Will insurance help pay for a mobility scooter?

As long as you have a prescription from a medical professional that proves your mobility scooter is medically necessary, Medicare, Medicaid, and some private insurance companies will help cover the cost.

What is the difference between three-wheel and four-wheel mobility scooters?

The main difference between three-wheel and four-wheel mobility scooters is that three-wheel scooters are more maneuverable than four-wheel scooters. Three-wheel scooters also have a tighter turning radius, which means they can make sharper turns than four-wheel scooters. However, four-wheel scooters are more stable than three-wheel scooters and can therefore handle rough terrain better.

Do you need a driver’s license to operate a mobility scooter?

No, you do not need a driver’s license to operate an electric mobility scooter. If your scooter can go above 8mph, it might be able to legally travel on roads, so a license may be required. Familiarize yourself with the laws in your state regarding the operation of mobility scooters before using one.

How do I choose which mobility scooter is best for me?

When choosing a mobility scooter, there are several factors you should consider, such as your budget, how much weight the scooter can accommodate, the turning radius, whether you need it to be portable, and what terrain you’ll be using it on. It’s also important to test drive various models to see which one is most comfortable for you to operate.

Assistance Club Summary

Mobility scooters are eco-friendly, sporty, well-designed, and high-quality ways to stay active. They are available in a wide array of models, at various price points. If you’ve been thinking about getting around independently, a mobility scooter is a top choice.

Many people who use scooters find they can be more active, engaged, and independent…often more than they have been in years. Could you be next?