The Best Money-Saving Apps For Seniors

We've installed and reviewed the best apps to help you save money on your favorite products. Here's what we found.
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Looking for discounts? These apps will help you find discounts and save money on your favorite products.

Let’s jump in.


The AARP Now app isn’t just a way to stay connected with news, tips, and important events. You can discover discounts, discount programs, and member features to save money on your favorite products and services.

The app is available for members and non-members, although some discounts may be only for members.

Cost: free. Available for Android and iOS.

Skiddy - Senior Savings

Get great deals on local senior-only specials. You’ll find opportunities to save on activities, foods, products, or groceries. Get discounts and information about products for home and garden, pets, health and beauty, entertainment and more. With this free app, you won’t miss out on savings.

With an intuitive interface, you can customize your searches. Plus, you can search by category filter, and view according to a list or map.

Cost: free. Available for iOS.

Senior Discounts Club

Get access to top deals from your favorite stores including Macy’s, Target, McDonald’s, Papa John’s, Wal-Mart and more. With this app, you can save money easily and quickly. Instead of searching through various retailer websites, you can go to one central place to get huge savings every day.

With a Community Forum, you’ll have a lively place to share your favorite discounts, and meet other Senior Discount Club members.

Cost: free. Available for iOS and Android.

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The Christmas List

If you’re buying gifts for multiple people, this app can help. It keeps track of gifts and recipients by store or by purchase. You can easily keep track of your spending, and stay within your budget for the holiday season.

Cost: free. Available for iOS.


Red Laser helps you get the lowest price for those must-have purchases. Whether shopping for yourself or for those on your gift list, you can save a lot of money. Just scan any barcode and you’ll see price comparisons.

You can also track pricing for products from your local stores. The app also stores loyalty and discount cards, so you can be up-to-date on potential savings.

Cost: free. Available for iOS and Android.

If you’re looking to save with coupons, here is the app for you. You may find coupons to use and coupons to clip. Get coupons to use, simply by scanning a photo on your phone. One great reward you’ll get is: savings!

This is a great app for getting immediate savings for household items, groceries and gifts.

Cost: free. Available for iOS and Android.


When you’re shopping, just take a photo of something you want to buy. SnipSnap will bring up a list of available coupons and sales for that item. It will also let you know whether it is cheaper to buy it online or at another store.

Imagine the ease of comparison-shopping — without needing to carry around a stack of coupons.

Cost: free. Available for iOS and Android.


This is a discount app that enables you to find out if rebates are available for your purchases. You don’t have to search through your purse, scrambling for coupons at the store. You won’t get instant cash, but you can get cash back for your purchases.

Once your cash savings total $20, you can cash out. This money can go to a future gift card or grocery purchase. You can get cash back also with grocery pick-ups and deliveries. Plus, you may be able to jump on a current offer to start with a $20 cash bonus.

Over time, using this app helps you save money on your favorite products.

Cost: free. Available for iOS and Android.

Checkout 51

With this app, you can get cash back for generic items. Imagine, you can get money back for buying things you need such as apples, bananas or onions. Also, you’ll get bonuses from select stores including Costco and Wal-Mart.

Checkout 51 provides ways to earn cash back on your groceries and on your gas.

If you’re looking to get cash back for generic items, check this app out.

Cost: free. Available for iOS and Android.

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While medications and prescriptions may not be exactly your ‘favorite’ products, there are a couple of great apps to help you save on prescriptions.

This app offers a discount pass to help you find the lowest cost for drugs at pharmacies in your area. You can search for the medication you need, and the app displays the drug’s cost at each pharmacy. It also shows pricing for generic equivalents.

If it’s appropriate, you may want to talk to your doctor to discuss switching to a cheaper drug.

Available for iOS.

Good RX

Looking for the cheapest pharmacies to get medications filled? You can start saving immediately, getting deals on the medications you need. Keep an eye out for extra coupons on the app—and even more savings for you.

Cost: free. Available for Android and iPhone.

Gas Buddy

Everyone loves a good deal on gas. With the gas buddy app, you can save a lot of money. With this app, you’ll find the cheapest gas prices in your area.

If you want even more savings, consider getting the Gas Buddy’s card. This gas payment card saves you five cents per gallon every time you use it. According to Gas Buddy, users save on average $340 per year when using the combination of their app and their loyalty card.

Cost: free. Available for Android and iPhone.

Assisstance Club Summary

With so many awesome apps on the market, you’ve got great resources to save money while you enjoy shopping. Start anywhere and add in new apps as you start seeing all the benefits.

With a little extra attention, you’ll find even more ways to stretch your dollars.