The Best Streaming Services For Seniors

Who needs cable? Whether you’re switching to streaming to save money or to get more freedom to choose, seniors have some excellent options worth considering.
Senior couple laughing while watching TV on a couch

Looking for options to cable TV?

You’ve got lots of choices to save money, get the movies you want, and increase your viewing options. The good news: choices of streaming services are rapidly increasing. If you’re fed up with the high cost of cable, endless commercials, and being tied to someone else’s scheduling…it could be time to give streaming a chance.

First, let’s get to the basics.

You don’t have to go “cold-turkey” and give up your cable before you check out streaming services. Many people prefer to test out their options. You can achieve this by keeping your cable services for a time, as you sort out what streaming service will work best for you.

Living Without Cable

No doubt, your friends, families, and neighbors have been raving about online streaming services. Probably this has been going on for some time. It might not be direct raves. It may just be a steady flow of comments about movies, shows, and options that you haven’t seen.

This is frustrating. It can make you feel like the odd-person-out. If you’re tired of that feeling—and ready to find a better solution—at a lower-cost, get ready to explore.

1. Netflix

Looking for fantastic quality? It’s time to make the popcorn and get cozy on the couch.

Netflix offers a huge selection of movies and shows. They have old favorites from way back when, like Boston Legal, and The Twilight Zone. Plus, they have loads of new films and current shows.

One of the great things about Netflix is its intuitive design. It’s easy to scan the selection to find shows and movies that interest you. The set up is easy, with WIFI. You can watch from your computer. Or you can use a streaming device such as Roku or Amazon Fire Stick, to connect directly to your TV.

One of the common complaints about Netflix is that you have to wait a bit to watch some shows. Current shows are only released after the full season has aired on television. This can put you behind the curve if you’re hooked on certain shows. On the upside, when you get a full season, you can camp out and binge to your heart’s content.

Another gripe from some users is that Netflix doesn’t offer a plan for watching live sports or events. If this is important to you, you’ll want to supplement Netflix with a service that offers live streaming for sports.

Check for 30-day free trials and seasonal deals. There are no contracts, commitments or cancellation fees.

2. Hulu

This streaming service is a great one for keeping up-to-date with current network television shows. Even their most basic plan offers access to shows from major channels including ABC, CNN, Fox, Discovery, Travel Channel and the Food Network.

When shows are released on television, you get them usually within a day. This service is a great money-saving option compared to the standard cable bill. What’s the hitch? In the lowest cost plan, you have to sit through repetitive ads. If you can’t stand this, just upgrade to the commercial-free version.

Like Netflix, Hulu doesn’t offer access to live games and sports in their basic package. They do offer a Hulu Live TV option, with live games, and over 50 channels, for a higher cost.

A group of seniors sit in a living room watching TV

3. Sling Television

This streaming service offers channel packages that are the most similar to pay TV. Depending on what you like to watch, this may be a way to lower your monthly bill, yet keep your options open.

One complaint about Sling is that it can be difficult to sort out which package to get. Sling Orange has 32 channels, and is limited to one stream at a time. Sling Blue offers 45 channels and three simultaneous streams. There is also a combined option, Orange-and-Blue, to have up to four simultaneous streams.

At this time, Sling TV is not supported on iOS browsers. Another issue about Sling is that the amount of local stations is limited. On the up side, you can get add-on packages that include smaller channels such as comedy, sports and news. These add-ons vary in price.

4. Disney+

With Disney’s streaming service, you can get boatloads of original shows and films. Disney+ often offers free trials.

In additional to all the classic films, Disney+ offers a triple package bundle including Hulu and ESPN. This is a great feature if you’re an avid sports lover. If you purchase for a year, you’ll get additional savings.

Happy older couple watch TV on couch while eating popcorn

5. YouTubeTV

If you’re looking for a robust streaming service, check out YouTubeTV. On it, you have access to 85+ top channels of entertainment, news, live sports and more.

According to CNET, this is “the best overall TV streaming service in 2020.”

You can record without storage limits. Plus, you don’t have to get a cable box. Access comes without contracts or hidden fees. They often offer free trials.

6. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon has stepped up and is a major player in online streaming. You get direct access to popular movies, TV shows, and Amazon original series.

One way to save and get added benefits is to opt for Amazon Prime. If you’re a frequent Amazon shopper, you could save more money with an Amazon Prime membership. With an annual membership, you’re paying a small amount per month—for Prime Video plus all the perks from Amazon Prime, such as free 2-day shipping.

Assistance Club Summary

As you’re considering a shift to streaming, look for the best fit to match your interests. If you’re looking for great content at a reasonable monthly cost, Netflix could be the answer. If TV is important to you, check out Sling and Hulu. If you’re ready to get more channels and spend more, check out YouTubeTV.

Give yourself time to explore the options for curated viewing. You’re in for treat and a lot of great entertainment.