Help For Senior Homeowners

If you’re looking for help with the monthly mortgage, home repairs, or managing utilities, then you’ve come to the right place. Explore these home grants for seniors that offer assistance to homeowners in need.
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Are you seeking relief from the financial burdens and pressures of home ownership? You may be eligible for help for senior homeowners that lightens the load.

Many offerings are available to provide help for seniors owning a home. Some are home grants for seniors that offer mortgage relief. Others assist with home care for senior citizens such as the costs of modifying, remodeling, or updating your home. Additionally, resources are available that may be able to help you with utilities, housekeeping, and chores.

Check Senior Assistance Club’s collection of the best resources to help you continue to live independently—with a lighter burden on your peace of mind, and your wallet.

Help for Mortgage Refinancing and Relief

Are you struggling to make house payments? Mortgage rates are at a historic low and as you’ve seen in the news, it’s a great time to explore refinancing and mortgage relief programs.

Freddie Mac Enhanced Relief Refinance

Are you looking for refinancing options? A new program called FMERR, or Freddie Mac Enhanced Relief Refinance may help you. This program is a way for homeowners to get a lower interest rate, a shorter loan term, or change from an adjustable to a fixed-rate mortgage. The good news here, there is no minimum credit score needed.

You can check your eligibility online. Plus, you can use an online service to find and contact FMERR program lenders in your state.

Covid Relief Programs

Since the pandemic began, most lenders have offered forbearance and loan modification options, including help for homeless seniors. However, recently, the White House’s home loan modifications make relief a more concrete option. Check with the Federal Housing Finance Agency, called FHFA, for an overview of program options.

The new loan modification program rules may apply to you if you have an FHA, VA, or USDA loan. Experts recommend talking directly to your lender to find out details.

If you aren’t sure about your rights and choices, talk with a housing counselor approved by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). To locate a housing counselor in your state, check with the HUD website.

Help for Home Repair and Remodeling

An older, dilapidated house being repaired

Are you holding off on repairs or updates due to costs? Home repair assistance for seniors may be able to help you spring for the remodeling.

Repairing your home makes your home safer, and helps you live in your own home as long as possible. Modifications will make it easier to stay safe. You can update your home to prevent accidents, reduce the risk of falls, and increase your ability to live an independent lifestyle.

You may find a program that provides financial assistance—helping you save money on repairs and remodeling. In the long run, many repairs offer the added benefit of lowering utility bills, by reducing energy usage. You’ll save money at the outset, and long term.

Area Agency on Aging

The Older Americans Act provides funds for repairs and home modifications for seniors. Contact your county’s Area Agency on Aging for program details. The Agency should also be able to advise you of other local government programs, available through your city, county, or community development department.

U.S. Department of Agriculture

The U.S. Department of Agriculture offers home grants for senior citizens under the Section 504 Home Repair program. These grants assist elderly very-low-income homeowners to fix and repair health and safety hazards in their homes.

Rebuilding Together

Rebuilding Together is a national non-profit devoted to helping people in need and working to revitalize communities. Their programs provide help for senior homeowners so that they can stay in their own homes. They offer programs that help with repairs and home modifications. These upgrades may be available for you to help you stay healthy and independent in your own home.

Help Is Here

HELPS is a non-profit law firm that assists senior citizens with legal issues. If you have a house payment you can’t afford or are getting harassing calls from debt collectors, you may be struggling with non-stop anxiety. Reach out and talk with a legal advisor to understand and evaluate your options.

Local Contractors

Talk with your local contractor about reduced fees for seniors. Many companies are happy to help seniors at a reduced fee, or with a sliding scale. Check with contractors when asking for bids, to see if this is a viable option.

Long-Term Care Policy

Check your long-term care insurance policy. Some policies cover some home modifications that may be useful in your situation.

Help for Utilities

Are you struggling with utility bills? These programs are available to older homeowners who meet the eligibility requirements.


Home Energy Assistance Program provides cash grants to eligible households to help pay a portion of home heating expenses. To get information about HEAP programs in your state, contact your State Office for the Aging.


Check with the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), which helps low-income households pay for energy costs. If you qualify, it could help you with updating your home with important weatherizing and energy-related repairs. If you prefer, you can contact the program by phone at 1-866-674-6327.


The Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) could also be a place to check in with. This program helps homeowners with financial assistance to keep homes energy-efficient and weatherized.

Help For House Cleaning and House Keeping

Senior woman cleaning her house

Could you use some help around the house? Check out these great programs.

Area Agency On Aging

Start investigating local options, by getting in touch with your local Area Agency on Aging. This is a one-stop resource to discover out services available for seniors. You will get up-to-date information on local, state, and federal services all in one centralized spot.

Eldercare Directory

While you’re checking out local offerings, check with the Eldercare Directory. In many states, you’ll locate reliable sources that offer caregiver assistance. You may want to extend your search to include local agencies that offer ‘chore and homemaker assistance.’

This will help you find services that can help with house cleaning and housekeeping. It may extend the scope of services so you can get help with shopping, laundry, general house cleaning, preparing meals, and yard work.

Churches and Charities

In addition, look into your neighborhood and city. Many local churches and charities have special programs to help seniors with housekeeping. Talk with social workers, healthcare providers, community centers, and city services to expand your search. As you do, you’ll find senior services programs near you.

While you compile your options, create a local list. This may come in handy for friends, family, neighbors, and people whom you know who may need a hand with household chores.

In-Home Care Services

As you evaluate options, investigate in-home care services, such as Visiting Angels. You can start with a free home care consultation to evaluate your needs.

In-Home Housekeeping Services

Look into in-home housekeeping services in your area. For example, Assisting Hands offers in-home housekeeping for the elderly in Portland. Do an Internet search for ‘housekeeping help for seniors.’ You’ll find local services that can help you with customized solutions for a clean and safe home.

Assistance Club Summary

Staying in your own home is a wise move to stay healthy, active, and independent. Take the initiative to get the help you need. With help, you may be able to find resources to enjoy living comfortably in your own home—with less stress and more ease.