Keep Your Sex Life Cooking: 9 Tips If You’re Over 60

Our bodies might get older but the desire for physicality and passion remains strong with the senior set. In the eternal words of Marvin Gaye, “let’s get it on”!
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A number of national studies show that older adults are having more sex than most people think. Many men and women agree that sexual satisfaction can even increase with age. But we wise seniors already knew that, didn’t we?

Looking for inspiration to keep your sex life cooking at 60 and beyond? Here are 9 tips to spark the fire.

1 Schedule Your Time Together

If you think that scheduling sex is odd, think again. You’re carving out time to connect with your partner. You’re thinking about it in advance. You’re making a date for spending intimate time together.

Build out this time with sharing other interests together. Go for a walk. Go out dancing. Go out for a picnic. Getting it on starts with getting ‘it’ on the calendar.

2 Ditch The Technology

Yes, we’ve got all the cool tech, gadgets and devices to keep us connected. But when it comes to keeping your sex life cooking, put them all aside. Experts advise leaving phone, ipad and electronics in another room. Turn all the ringers off.

Declare your independence from technology. Make your partner your sole priority.

3 Talk To Your Partner
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For many older adults, talking about sex may seem taboo. You may have grown up in a world where speaking openly about sex, your preferences and desires was ‘just not done.’ Isn’t it time to leave that in the distant past?

Some health professionals believe that lack of ‘talking’ is the biggest sexual barrier. If you haven’t been talking with your partner, there is no time like the present. Find out what he, she or they find arousing, delightful and stimulating. Open up the zone for intimacy, starting with conversation.

4 Check the Timing

Sex drive ebbs and flows throughout the day and night. Many people notice that if they’ve eaten a large meal, there’s less likelihood of being interested in sex. All the blood flow is going towards digestion instead of the genitals.

What times of day are particularly special and sensual for you and your partner?

Consider tracking the times when you feel ‘in the mood.’ Perhaps it’s early morning, mid-morning or mid-afternoon. These times may vary from person to person, and could be affected by medications, physical health as well as diet.

If you notice a large meal interferes with your sexual appetite, opt for lighter fare. A simple shift like this may be more rewarding than you might imagine.

5 New Environments, New Experiences

If you’ve been together for a long time, how about mixing things up? Perhaps a new environment will add spice to your sex life. This is what many older adults find. It explains some of the appeal of a weekend get-away, going on a road trip, or exploring different AirBnB’s.

If travel isn’t on the horizon, try out new places and times. Explore places for intimacy outside the bedroom. If you’re used to nighttime romance, try early morning. Morning may be attractive also because your body is refreshed from sleep.

Remember when you first met? Everything was fresh and new. Let your creativity open up as you explore new environments and new experiences with your partner.

6 Kissing and Holding Hands
Senior romantic couple at home in kitchen giving flowers

Kissing is a timeless, ageless, intimate way to connect. All kinds of kisses help. Sweet. Deep. Passionate. Quick. Long. Light. Gentle. Savor kissing your partner.

Holding hands helps you literally stay in touch with your partner. Walking and holding hands. Holding hands, hugging, kissing—hey, looks like you’re finding that sweetheart feeling you know so well.

7 Be Proactive

As women age, natural lubrication may decrease. It’s only natural to use lubrication to feel silky. There are many different lubricants to experiment with and give a try. For symptoms of dryness, be proactive. Lubrication is an easy and safe solution.

8 Sexy Toys for Sexy Times

Older adults may find that toys have a new place in the bedroom.

If you’ve watched Grace and Frankie, you’ve heard the tales from Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. You’re familiar with the role of vibrators and sex toys for senior enjoyment.

9 Laughing Does Wonders
Happy Asian senior couple laughing and man kissing woman on cheek

Play with each other. Laugh. Tickle. Invent new games. Rediscover the joys that make you giggle, jump and forget everything else. Laughter has an ageless way of connecting you with each other—in the present.

As we age, we may encounter changes in flexibility, agility and endurance. Laughing with kindness and compassion goes a long way to connecting with your partner for true intimacy.

Assistance Club Summary

Many experts agree that sexual satisfaction helps people feel energized, youthful and enjoy life.

The #1 take away: keep lighting the fire.

Whether you’re looking to reignite your sex life, add spark to the fire or start a new relationship, don’t let age stereotypes stand in your way. With these 9 tips you can enjoy a healthy sex life as you get older.