Take Your Pills: Top Pill Dispensers For Seniors

Keeping track of medicines can be a real drag and frustration point for many seniors. Thankfully, innovations in technology offer us much needed help.
A prescription pill bottle spilling out an assortment of pills

Remembering to take the pills can be a struggle. Is it something that you need constant reminders for? Is your spouse or child constantly harping at you to take them? Do you rely on home health aides to prepare your weekly supply?

If you’re looking for a way to stay independent, ‘with it’ and up-to-date, technology offers great solutions for taking your pills. With the help of available tools and applications, it’s easier than ever to set reminders, stay on schedule and remove the stress from the routine.

Here is a list of the top tools and applications to track your medical routine. We promise you won’t even need a spoonful of sugar for this medicine to go down!

1: The Humble Pillbox
Elderly woman places pills into a pill box at home

This tool is simple and very easily accessible. Yet, it’s the one that can make the entire process so much easier for seniors. You can find a pillbox for weekly or monthly management. Similarly, you can also use the ones that let you organize multiple doses each day.

If all the medicines are organized according to all doses, it cuts down one-step of the process. In addition, there’s one less reason to have to rely on someone else. And it’s one excuse you can cross off, if you’re fighting against the whole idea.

2: The Medicine Dispenser

A great alternative to a pillbox is a medicine dispenser. Your physician or caregiver loads dispenser with all the medicines as per their schedule. Whenever it’s time to take a dose, the dispenser sounds off.

The user can press a button to release the medicines. The great thing is that if any dose is missed out, the dispenser automatically sends out a message to a loved one.

3: Go Beyond Reminders: My Meds

My Meds is an app designed especially for patients with serious illnesses.

This app goes beyond just reminders. It tackles all aspects that are connected to a patient's medication. There are reminders at the time the user needs to take the medicine as well as refill reminders to restock the medicine. Most importantly, you’ll get alerts regarding the benefits of taking your medicines regularly.

This app keeps you motivated so that you don't purposely skip their doses. Another great thing about this app is that the doctor and loved ones also have access to the patient's progress.

4: Use Smart Pill Technology
Senior Asian man sits on couch looking at his smart phone

Smart pill is a safe technology that allows patients and doctors to keep track of real-time health status. What's tracked? Things like the blood glucose level, heartbeat, and issues specific to your health.

It’s a two-part technology. The sensor has minor amounts of copper and magnesium. It operates from the patient's stomach, whereas a Bluetooth operated piece is attached to the torso.

All signals are sent from the sensor to the piece on the torso. This then decodes the signals before forwarding them to the connected application. This provides easily accessible health statistics. In addition, the app offers regular reminders so that the patients can treat themselves accordingly. It works to encourage all the users to take better care of themselves.

Assistance Club Summary

The #1 Top Take Away: Use technology to put yourself first. Taking your pills has never been easier to remember.

With all these top-notch options, you can now improve your health immensely. These tools and apps will remind you to put yourself first. By combining physical organization with innovative technology, you won’t ever have to miss a single pill. Implement the usage of these brilliant technological advancements in order to minimize health risks, especially in your golden years.