Discover Transportation Assistance for Seniors

Need a ride? Many organizations exist to help seniors stay mobile. Whether you need a lift to a doctor's appointment or a donated vehicle, here are some assistance options to consider!
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As we age, it gets harder to get around. The lack of income may make it more difficult for seniors to keep or maintain a car. Certain disabilities, such as vision loss or joint problems, also make it tougher for seniors to get around. On top of this, slower reflexes may also deter seniors from driving themselves. All these daily troubles contribute to the growing need for transportation assistance for seniors.

Senior Assistance Club is here to provide you with transportation programs for seniors. After all, getting affordable transportation is key for maintaining an active lifestyle. Here are the top options to stay connected and get around so you can enjoy life with your friends, family, and community.

Senior Transportation Programs

Most areas offer free or low-cost transportation assistance to senior citizens. In addition to public transit, some areas offer para-transit services and door-to-door ride programs.

One of the best places to find free or low-cost solutions in your area is to search your county’s Area Agency on Aging. You’ll find an active listing of transportation programs. That can help you live independently and stay active.

Additionally, check with the ElderCareLocator. You’ll find local transportation programs for seniors, searchable by zip code. This is one of the best places to start as you can search for transportation resources and services available in your community.


Looking for a concierge service to help you go door-to-door without hassle? This is a concierge service that helps you connect with on-demand services like Uber and Lyft.

It’s a simple process where you can call a toll-free number to arrange a ride. You’ll be able to speak with a live operator, round the clock. For your safety, rides are monitored, and all drivers are screened. Also, you can have your family members notified by text message about the ride. No worries if you use a walker or foldable wheelchair.

If you have recurring doctor visits, medication delivery, and appointments, you can put these on autopilot.


SilverRide offers safe, driver-assisted rides in the San Francisco Bay area and Kansas City areas. You can get personalized door-through-door assisted ride service. Drivers are bonded, licensed and trained to help passengers with service to meet personal needs.


This is a popular ride service that can have you in a ride within minutes.

Download the Lyft app, or have a friend, family member, or caregiver set it up for you. You can use the smart phone app to book a ride and pay automatically by credit card. If you don’t want to use a smart phone, use a concierge service to book a ride from your phone.


Do you need non-emergency transportation to your medical appointments? Do you need a special vehicle to transport your wheelchair? If so, Veyo is an ideal solution. Ask your insurance company if this is covered as part of your insurance benefits.

Rides are arranged through a health organization partner – check to see if this is part of your provider’s service.


This unique service offers door-through-door transportation. It is very useful for seniors who need assistance getting in and out of the car, and through the door to their home/destination.

This is a national senior transportation network with affiliates in 11 communities, across 10 states. From Maine to Florida to California, you may find this a powerful resource for dignified transportation. As this service is only available in certain locations, check your local office for more information.

Rides in Sight

This site provides assistance in finding transportation options for seniors, and visually challenged persons. Specific needs are considered such as visual issues, age, mobility, wheelchair needs, and how far one is traveling. You can search online or call 1-855-607-4337, Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM—8.00 PM ET.

Community Transportation

The National Volunteer Transportation Center is committed to provide transportation services to people who need it. This organization works with organizations that offer volunteer driver programs.

Check with this website to find the programs that are available in your state.

Free or Low-Cost Public Transportation

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Public transportation can be a great option if you’re making the transition from driving to independent travel.

If you’re looking for transportation options, a lot depends on where you live. Most metropolitan areas have terrific public transportation. Cities such as New York and Chicago make it easy for seniors to get around and stay active. Chicago allows seniors to ride public transportation free of charge.

The best way to find options in your city or town is to check with local transit authorities. You may be able to qualify for free or low-cost transportation on buses, trains, and ferries.

Faith-Based and Non-Profit Ride Services

Many communities have charitable organizations and religious groups that offer volunteer-ride services. Rides vary depending on the community and the organization. In many communities, services are available with advance reservations. Check in your area for details on transportation assistance for seniors.

Finding Low-Cost Cars

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If you’re a senior driver, check out the many programs to find a free or low-cost car.

As there are a variety of requirements, it’s important to check each program to see if it matches your specific situation as well as pairs you with the best cars for seniors.

1-800-Charity Cars

This is a nationwide program that provides cars to low-income families.

Working Cars of Working Families

This website may have information that helps you get a car and stay mobile.


This site is also known as C4C, is a nationwide non-profit primarily operating in the Midwest. They help provide cars for people who are going through life hardships and need a vehicle. They also operate a partner organization called Cars 4 Heroes, focusing on providing veterans in need with vehicles.

Good News Garage

This is a non-profit program, operating primarily in New England. It has given over 4,400 cars to families in need.

Low-Cost Car Programs are available for needy families in certain states. One program, Vehicles For Change, serves families in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia and Michigan. Vehicles are donated by the public, refurbished, and made available through programs run by social services.

Goodwill Industries operates a low-cost program to help qualified San Antonio residents purchase affordable cars.

Finding an affordable, and reliable car can help you continue driving safely.

Transportation Help for Seniors FAQs

What are some tips for using transportation assistance?

If you are using a rideshare service, be sure to request a car with a lot of space so you can comfortably store any mobility aids you use. If you are using public transportation, try to plan your trips in advance so you know what routes to take and where to transfer. And finally, always carry your ID with you so you can show it to the driver if needed.

What if I have a disability?

There are a number of options on transportation assistance for seniors with disabilities. You can start by contacting your local Area Agency on Aging or your state's Department of Transportation. You can also check with community organizations, senior centers, or religious groups. Many of these organizations offer volunteer driver programs or other types of transportation assistance.

Assistance Club Summary

Finding the best options for staying mobile is essential to living a full, active lifestyle. If you’re driving less or not driving, check out all the ways you can continue to keep mobile. If you’re driving, investigate programs to find a free or low-cost car.

It’s good to know that a lot of organizations are dedicated to helping seniors stay active, mobile, and connected.