Voice Commands And How They Can Improve Your Life

There's an exciting world of technology for seniors and voice commands can play an essential part. Turn on the TV, change the temperature or even order a pizza with just your voice.
An older woman uses voice commands to instruct a wireless device

You’ve seen the ads. You’ve heard your friends and family rave. Now, you’re wondering. “What is the big deal with all the voice command devices?”

Let’s find out.

Understanding Voice Command Devices

A voice command is exactly what it sounds like. You can use your voice to command technology to complete a desired task. Sounds like fun, right?

Imagine for a moment you’ve forgotten the name of a leading actor or actress. Instead of wracking your brain, spending hours doing research, or enduring a sleepless night—you have a better alternative.

Use your voice. Ask your technology to find the answer. Most likely you remember the movie title, co-actor, or movie genre. Activate the device, whether on your smart phone, speaker, or iPad. Ask your question. Get your answer.

It couldn’t be easier.

No more sweating bullets when you are searching for an actor, actress, film title, destination, or another question. This is kind of like having a personal assistant at your beck-and-call.

Considering The Options

Voice command technology has exploded in the last several years. More than likely, you already have some at your fingertips. If not, it’s easy to remedy with a purchase.


Smartphones are cellphones that enable you to use the internet. You can download an app, listen to music, read a book, play games, and consult your voice-controlled personal assistant.

The most popular one is called, Siri by Apple. Siri is already loaded into your iPhone or iPad. You can touch the home button or say, “Siri” and you’re ready to go.

Other smartphones also have voice activated digital assistants.


Speakers are another accessible way to use voice command technology. Different companies produce them and they have similar features.

The top ones you may be familiar with are:

Apple’s HomePod
Just like your iPad or iPhone, you can consult Siri for answers. Use this to perform a task, such as playing music, finding a statistic, or recalling a celebrity name. For example, you can search for music by lyrics, artist, song, album, mood or genre.

Google Nest
Google also has a voice command speaker, Google Nest. It responds to the command, “Okay, Google.” Use this to answer questions and play music. Google Nest can also be linked up to appliances so you can turn on your oven, adjust the thermostat or turn on the lights.

Amazon Echo
Maybe we saved the best for last. Amazon Echo is affordable and responds to the command signal of, “Alexa.” You can ask questions and get answers, much like the other brands of speaker.

However, there are added features to help you stay in touch. For example, seniors can request help or notify loved ones if there is an emergency. Also, Alexa can remind you of times to take medications.

What a handy feature!

These speakers range in price from $50-$180 for Alexa; $50-$130 for Google Nest; and $300 for Apple HomePod. Depending on the speakers and models, you can find the best deals on the internet as well as with resellers in your local area.

An older man gives a voice command to his mobile phone
Exploring The Benefits

Let’s look at the key benefits you can gain by using voice commands.

Simplify Home Management

You may not have a personal assistant, butler, or maid—but with voice commands, managing your home chores just got a whole lot easier.

• Turn on the lights? Control smart devices in your home with voice commands. From setting the temperature, lights, or oven—give the command and away you go.

• Running low on supplies? Ask Alexa to place an Amazon order for snacks, groceries, detergents, or bath salts. No running back and forth to the store.

• Want to see an episode of your favorite show? Give a command to your cable channel, and check that off your to-do list.

Of course, you’ll need to do a little preparation to set all the appliances up for voice command activation. But, once that is handled, your life at home won’t eat up all your free time.

Improve Travel

One of the big challenges as we get older is traveling, staying adventurous and trying out new things. With voice commands, you can go exploring without fighting with your partner about directions. Just imagine that:

  • Try out new restaurants in unfamiliar neighborhoods.
  • Go explore a new city and ask Siri for directions.
  • Find the best healthy take-out.
  • Get an AirBnB and consult Siri for top destinations.
  • Explore new farmer’s markets.

No more fighting about where to turn, what to remember. And, if you can’t find your glasses or see the fine print, you can still find your way to the destination—and your way back home.

Slash Worry

Free your mind from having to remember details. Use your voice command assistant to help you with tasks such as:

  • Turning lights on when you’re not at home.
  • Capturing ideas when a pencil is not within reach.
  • Setting reminders for tasks.

Answer Questions

You don’t have to sweat bullets if you can’t remember details, have questions, or are wondering about weather at a vacation destination. Here are a few things you might need to have answered:

  • What’s the recipe for apple galette?
  • What’s the weather in Maui next month?
  • What’s the score of that football game?

Without keeping your brain full of these details, you’re free to enjoy life—and get answers to your questions.

Assistance Club Summary

Ready to live in a way that is easier, simpler, and worry-free? Using voice command technology makes easy living possible. After a brief ‘learning period,’ most people find that using voice command devices becomes second nature.

Give it a go, and enjoy the delight of getting instant answers to your questions.

“Okay, where would you like to start?”