How Will The Pandemic Change Senior Living In America?

We're in the middle of a global change. It's not clear yet how things will unfold...but change is likely to affect all of us in ways we know. Plus, in ways yet to be seen.
Elderly couple in medical masks during the pandemic coronavirus

Think back for a moment. What was life like before another massive change? Take your pick, because you’ve lived through more than a few. This is of course, not the identical category of a global pandemic…but take a moment to recall.

The San Francisco Earthquake.

The AIDS Epidemic.


The California Fires.

What happened? There were major events and massive change. Many things changed after each of these times.

Take 9/11. After the attacks, airports never returned to their former glory. Security measures became norm. Color-coded alert levels became part of every day reality. Passengers became more suspicious of fellow travelers. Personnel became wary about packages and suitcases. We got used to taking off shoes, belts and metal to make it through security.

In the wake of 9/11, our culture changed. Perhaps we feel safer. Perhaps we are more alert. Or, maybe we’ve just gotten used to living with a higher level of caution.

However you view it, things changed.

The old culture, habits and way of life did not return. Our world evolved.

How Will The Pandemic Change Life for Seniors

Trend watchers around the world are asking questions, looking for evidence and trying to make predictions based on evidence.

It’s really more about asking questions, isn’t it? It may be a bit too early for answers. So, let’s look at the big questions that come to mind.

In many ways, this experience affects us along some of the major lines of living. Let’s look at some of the possible areas of daily life that could shift.

Will we start to grow our own food? Will community gardens, chicken-coops, and farm-to-home services increase? Will we have greater interest and find new ways to support local farmers?

Will we get serious about improving and monitoring water quality across America? Will we foster water testing to insure safety and purity standards?

Will we shift our habits of getting together for a drink? Will wineries offer bottle pick-up and delivery services? Will they offer take-and-bake dinners of wine and food? Will they offer virtual tasting rooms? Will wineries offer safe-distance picnic spots for rent? Will pubs offer tasting menus for home delivery?

Will we evaluate where to live differently? Is living in a country setting is more attractive due to safety, clean air and access to nature? Is living in a city more desirable due to access to home delivery services, health care and friends?

Housing with Family
Will we find ways to co-house with family? Will the advantages of seeing children and grand children outweigh desires for freedom and travel?

Housing in Facilities
Will we look for upgrades to retirement facilities—such as robotic care, purity standards and in-house medical care? Will we demand improvements to protect our safety? Or will we ditch social distancing as soon as possible?

Will we find ourselves deep into technology, virtual museum tours and virtual park tours? Will we ever go to a movie theatre again and eat popcorn in the dark?

Will we find new ways to travel that supports social distancing? Will we rent spots on the beach that are designated at a safe distance? Will we take buses, trains or planes the way we used to? Will anyone ever want to go on a cruise? Will hotels operate at different safety standards?

Will we go through different regulations such as medical testing at airports and country borders?

Will our clothing styles and preferences change and evolve? Will garments have optional masks sewn inside of the collar? Will we start to sew, embroider and knit like never before? Will we always travel with a mask, much like sporting a new pair of sun glasses? Will we see mask collections from the famous and soon-to-be-famous designers?

Will the current trend of baking-like-our-lives-depend-on-it continue? Will we always be faced with shortages on eggs and flour? Will everyone ditch flour and realize that gluten-free is more than just an edgy idea for health food fanatics—but actually a way to truly reduce symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and minimize inflammation?

Will we go to a gym, pilates, Tai Chi or yoga class again? Will we rely exclusively on virtual classes and online coaching? Will group exercise make a come back?

Will there be an explosion of services for seniors? Home delivery of groceries, meals, medical supplies? Will people take a greater interest in connecting with older family and friends? Will there be an increase in services that support connection, creativity and collaboration across generations?

Assistance Club Summary

Will there be changes? As questions spark fresh ideas—what do you think?

In the wake of an unprecedented global pandemic, it is logical to expect change. Our culture, daily life, expectations and society are changed and changing. What trends are you noticing and predicting?