What Are the Jitterbug Cell Phone Plans for Seniors?

Jitterbug is a cell phone company offering plans designed specifically for senior citizens. These plans feature large buttons, simple menus, and 24/7 emergency response services. Learn more now!
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While there are a number of senior products from telecom providers that offer discounted rates, these are mostly just calls, texts, and data that isn’t necessarily catered to senior citizens. Which is why you have tech companies like Lively that provide a number of tech products like Jitterbug senior plans to make communications more accessible to older adults.

Lively provides a number of tech products, health and safety devices, and other apps and services to help senior citizens in the United States. And with Jitterbug cell phone plans for seniors, calling, texting and surfing can become more affordable and accessible even to those with limited income.

So, if you’re browsing the market for seniors cell phone plans, Lively’s Jitterbug is always a potential option. Here’s an overview of the provider from Senior Assistance Club.

Pros and Cons

Lively provides national cellular service as a mobile virtual network operator (MNVO) through Verizon’s network. But unlike other MNVOs like Mint Mobile that offers services ala carte, Lively sells phones that are equipped with apps and software that are specifically designed for senior citizens and older adults. The Jitterbug senior plans consist of two phones from its Jitterbug line. Here are some of the pros and cons of using Lively and Jitterbug.

Pros Cons
  • Simple design. It has the features and software older adults need in a phone without making navigation too confusing.
  • Easy access to medical needs. Simply press the Urgent Response button on your Jitterbug device and speak to a board-certified doctor or registered nurse.
  • No long-term contracts. Switch at anytime and get flexible communication solutions that keep you connected.
  • Relies on Verizon. As an MNVO, Lively relies on Verizon’s network to deliver services. During congestion, this could mean that quality and data speeds could be reduced.
  • Limited features. Customization is limited to make the Jitterbug more accessible to older adults. This means downloading additional software like money saving apps for seniors may not be possible.
  • Purchasing the phone is required. Lively’s Jitterbug wireless senior plans always include a phone, not just the service.

Shopping for Jitterbug Cell Phone Plans for Seniors

When shopping for Jitterbug phone plans from Lively, you have to choose between getting the Jitterbug Flip2 and the Jitterbug Smart3. From there, you can choose which plan to gets for texts, calls, and data. You’ll also have to choose which health and safety plan to add to your monthly bill.

Although the rates for Jitterbug senior plans are relatively affordable, Lively tends to provide promotional discounts throughout the year. So, before making a purchase, you may benefit from checking the Lively website for any discounts and deals that could apply to you.

What Are the Jitterbug Senior Plans?

Lively offers two types of Jitterbug phones, which you can select the plans and health packages installed. Here’s an overview on the monthly costs of data plans for each phone. Keep in mind that you’ll need to purchase a call and text package, a data package, and a health and safety package.

Jitterbug Flip2 Jitterbug Smart3
Value Call and Text (300 mins + 10 cents per text) $14.99
Unlimited Calls and Texts $19.99
Data Packages (Monthly cost is added on top of the call and text package you choose)
100MB Data N/A $2.49
500MB Data N/A $5
3GB Data N/A $10
5GB Data N/A $15
Unlimited Data N/A $30
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On top of your calls, texts, and data, you can choose which level of health and safety package you want installed on your Jitterbug phone.

Health and Safety Package Basic Preferred Ultimate
Monthly Cost $19.99 $24.99 $34.99
Urgent Response (A button on Jitterbug phone that automatically connects you to agents 24/7) Yes Yes Yes
Urgent Care (Speak to a registered nurse or board-certified doctor for urgent medical concerns) No Yes Yes
Lively Link (App that informs your chosen contacts if your battery is low or if you called Urgent Response) No Yes Yes
Personal Operator (An 24/7 operator to help you with your personal needs) No No Yes

Value Talk & Text

Lively’s cheapest plan for calls and texts, this plan includes 300 minutes (5 hours) of call time and charges 10 cents for every text you send. It’s fairly basic, so it’s not for those who are frequently texting their friends and family or those who are constantly on the move.

Best For: Seniors who want the very basic plan available to ensure they have available call and text credits during emergencies.

Unlimited Talk and Text

Offering unlimited calls and texts, you can contact as many friends and family as you want. It’s the best affordable choice for senior citizens who want to stay constantly connected through their phone, while also having the medical features ready on their phone in case of an emergency.

Best For: Seniors who want affordable but unlimited calls to keep in touch with those who matter the most to them.

Data Plans

Data plans and surfing the internet on your phone is only available on the Jitterbug Smart3. Lively has five options for data, so choose the one that best provides for your needs. If you’re constantly at home and have access to WiFi, you can get away with only needing low-end data plans. But if you don’t have WiFi at home or are frequently on the move, having gigabytes or unlimited data may be the more cost-effective solution.

Best For: Seniors getting the Jitterbug Smart3. Which data plan you get can depend on your usage and how often you leave home and have no access to WiFi.

Jitterbug Cell Phone Plans for Seniors: Lively App vs. Flip2 vs. Smart3

When it comes to getting Lively’s services, you have three options: keeping your current phone and downloading the Lively app, the Jitterbug Flip2, and the Jitterbug Smart3.

Lively App

If you like your current phone and phone plan and only want the health and safety features Lively provides, you can choose to simply download the Lively App. This is only available to iPhone or Apple Watch users. You can purchase either the Basic or Preferred package, which is $5 more than the monthly cost of getting these packages on a Jitterbug phone. If you subscribe to a two-year package, you can receive up to a $200 discount for an Apple Watch at any Best Buy store.

Jitterbug Flip2

The Flip2 is the more affordable choice at $99.99. It has a flip phone design that’s reminiscent of older phone models and has features that make it easier for senior citizens to handle. While you can’t access the internet with this phone, you’re required to get one of the two talk and text plans Lively offers. Overall, this phone is perfect for the older adult that wants cost-effective communication ready though doesn’t necessarily need internet access on their phone.

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Jitterbug Smart3

The Smart3 is designed for older adults who use smartphones. With its urgent response features, hearing aid compatibility, and a number of functional and entertaining apps, seniors are getting more for their money with this option. The unit costs $149.99, as well as a one-time activation fee of $35. You have to have a call, text, and data plan, as well as a health and safety package to make the most out of your unit.

Jitterbug Senior Plans vs. Verizon’s Senior Plans

As Jitterbug is an MNVO using Verizon’s network, let’s compare the two and its offerings.

Verizon 55+ Unlimited Plan Lively
Best Price for Senior Plans $40 per line per month for a two-line plan Depends on the phone and packages purchased
Maximum Number of Lines 2 1
National Availability Only to US seniors with a Florida billing address Seniors in the United States
Calls Unlimited Starts at 300 minutes
Texts Unlimited Starts at 10 cents per text
Data Unlimited (4G LTE) Starts at 100 MB, only available for the Smart3

While Verizon provides better and faster coverage, it’s also fairly expensive compared to Lively’s prices. These prices also don’t include the cost of getting a new phone. Verizon gives you the option to keep your current phone and number or buy a new phone.

Lively is evidently the more cost-effective solution. However, its offerings can be very barebones. This means that older adults who get Jitterbugs are more likely to get it for the sake of basic coverage that also meets their health and safety needs.


Q: Where can I buy Jitterbug phones?

A: You can purchase them at Best Buy, where Lively is a subsidiary of the company. You can also buy your Jitterbug phone on Lively’s website, Amazon, Rite Aid, and Walgreens. To activate your phone, contact Lively’s US customer service line for assistance.

Q: What are the benefits of owning a Jitterbug phone?

A: Senior plans provided by telecom companies are simply cheaper plans that are more cost-effective for seniors. Lively, however, specializes in tech designed to help older adults. Not only does your plan provide bare minimum coverage – which is helpful for seniors with limited income who only need the bare minimum to contact others in case of emergencies – but it also has health and safety features that can keep you safe and ready in case of emergencies.

Q: Are Lively’s plans flexible?

A: Yes. Upon signing up for Lively service, you only need to try the phone for one month to see if this phone meets your needs. After that, you’ll be paying for your service every month. So, if you want to upgrade your plans or switch to another provider, you have the flexibility to make that choice without any financial repercussions.