Best Jobs For Seniors To Stay Active And Have Fun

Looking to stay active, have fun, and make some cash—here is the list of 9 top jobs for active seniors.
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Whether you’re looking to get out and about, use your skills, keep learning, grow your social network, or just make some extra money—there’s a job for you.

More and more people over 65 are looking for work. According to a recent report from NORC Center for Public Affairs, one in five people over 65 are working or actively looking for work.

So, you are not alone!

Many people like the freedom of part-time jobs. You don’t have to punch a time clock of 9-5. You can stay active, be around people of all ages, and put your vast experience to good use.

Here’s the round up of the top jobs active seniors are choosing. Maybe you’ll find one has your name on it.


Are you an expert in your field? If you want to keep working in your area of expertise, but cut back your hours, consulting could be the way to go.

Many management consultants enjoy the challenge of applying their skills to help new clients achieve more. Give yourself some time to get familiar with current trends, pricing, and opportunities in your area of expertise.

Professionals who are creative, excellent communicators, and leaders in their field often find that consulting enables them to move ahead with passion. The sense of meaning and purpose that fueled your earlier career does not have to stop. In fact, it can continue, grow and evolve as you consult part-time.

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Love to teach and tutor? If you’re a former teacher, you know how rewarding it is to help students get ahead. You’ll always find work helping people learn languages, study for exams, and master tough subjects.

Jaime* enjoys part time work of tutoring elementary and high school students. He focuses on math and science. These are topics he loves, and has specialized in for many years. In addition, he helps kids prepare for the SAT, and MCAT exams.

Carla*, is a former teacher and loves languages. She splits her time teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) and tutoring people in Spanish, French, and Italian.

Is there a topic you enjoy and would like to help others master? You can check out flexible options for online teaching and tutoring.

Sports Coach

Love tennis, golf, basketball, or other team sports? Many sports coaches enjoy sharing their skills with up-and-coming generations. You might enjoy coaching students in a sport you love.

Mike* is an active coach for volleyball, soccer, golf, and tennis. He stays in shape and active year round. Plus, he’s on the short-list for seasonal coaching gigs around his community. He gets amazing workouts, helps children, and gets paid for his effort.

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Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

Love dogs, cats, or canaries? If so, pet sitting could be the ideal position for you. The best part is it’s much easier than ever before.

With so many apps on the market, you can sign up to be a pet-sitter in no time. Many people enjoy pet sitting as a way to be near cats, dogs, and even horses. Of course, in many cases, you can also housesit. This could be the start of a new form of vacationing.

Dog walking is another great way to help out busy professionals. With apps like Rover and Wag!, you can find jobs in your area. If you have had a dog, you know the importance of daily care and attentive walking. You may even have a dog or two now. Why not add dog walking to your weekly schedule and expand your companions?

Virtual Assistant

Are you detail-oriented and love perfection? If you are familiar with administrative work, writing, and organizing, this could be a great way to leverage your skills.

Many people enjoy the challenge of deadlines, projects, and creative sprints. If you’re familiar with office software, Slack, and Trello, this will put you at the top of the list. Share your love of writing, social media, and communication skills and you’ll stand out as the best person for the job.

Book Keeper

Love to offer your keen sense of detail and order? If you are detail-oriented, a clear communicator, and have an eye for numbers—bookkeeping may be for you. You probably already know the software for your own accounting. If you enjoy using accounting programs such as QuickBooks, you know this is your calling.

Interior Designer

Are you a master in home décor? Some people just have a flair for color, design, fabric, and texture. Look around your home. If your living room is filled with joyful colors, throw pillows, and unique artwork—you might have a calling for interior design.

Danielle* loves to spruce up spaces. She recently took a 400 sq. foot garage and transformed it into an island paradise. No kidding. With palm trees, seashells, and turquoise accents, it feels like an instant trip to Maui.

Senior Uber driver sitting in car with older female passenger

Uber & Lyft Driver

Want to get out of the house and meet people? Being an Uber and Lyft driver is a great alternative for seniors. You can work when you want, meet interesting people, and make some money with your driving skills.

Jeff* uses his car to get people to and from the airport of a busy city. It started out as a once-in-a-while gig, but after a few months, he has a standing list of clients. When travel bans started, he used his network to run errands around town. He’s got as much work as he wants.

Home Organizer

Do you love to get rid of clutter and organize homes? With all the buzz from Marie Kondo, and the KonMari method of decluttering, many people are looking to simplify their homes. You can turn your natural talents into a part time job.

Dede* loves to organize rooms, closets, and kitchens. She doesn’t do garages. When her clients need garage organizing, she refers them to Janey,* a specialist in garage organizing. As you build your home-organizing clients, consider offering complementary services. You’ll be surprised at how quickly this boosts your business.

Assistance Club Summary

The # 1 big idea: finding the best job for this part of your life can be fun and rewarding. You may look for things you hadn’t considered in other parts of your career, such as: physical activity, social engagement, flexibility, and fun.

By keeping in mind what matters most to you, you can focus your job search to get the best possible match for you.

* Names changed to protect privacy